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Stacy F

I was extremely excited when I was asked if I would share my story and my feedback for my experience with Emily Whiting. My younger daughter was a client of hers. To know my younger daughter is to love her. She was a relatively easy baby (compared to her older sister) always happy and in a good mood. Unlike her older sister she didn't talk a lot, but was able to understand everything. As she got older, her speech wasn't really progressing as I would have liked. My very easy baby started having terrible outbursts and fits, because she was unable to communicate effectively with us. Our pediatrician recommended that we have her tested and get into a speech class. Luckily for us Emily Whiting was the speech pathologist that evaluated my daughter A. F.. I was able to speak to her and explain my frustration. I was doing everything the same as I had done with my older daughter, but I twas not working with my younger daughter. She was able to get A. F. approved for speech classes.  When the waiting list was too long, Emily very selflessly volunteered to drive out of her way to come to our home and give A. F. the speech classes that she needed. She didn't want to waste any precious time. We were able to start immediately, instead of waiting 3 months to move up the list for another facility. A. F. is a very shy child until she really gets to know you, but Emily really put her at ease from the very beginning. She is amazing at gaining the child’s trust so that they can make great strides. Her communication with the parents is top notch. As a parent, sometimes it is extra stressful when dealing with a delay in development. You will always worry about your children as they grow, but that added delay can just tip the scales on your nerves. Never once, did I feel as though Emily was not on the same page as me. She always kept me up to speed, and gave me helpful tips on things I should be doing as well to keep that forward progress. Emily Whiting really invests herself into every child that she works with, just going above and beyond. I recommend her to every person I know that is looking into speech for their children. It was a sad day when we had to move on. It has been a long journey for my family in the development of A. F.. My happy baby went on to be a very difficult toddler due to her inability to effectively communicate, who then went back to her usual shy happy self and now she is my Chatty Cathy! Sometimes I long for the days of quiet. She has a confidence that she did not have before. She makes friends and talks with them, she is always telling some kind of funny story. I truly believe that Emily Whiting is responsible for all this. She was able to help A. F., while she taught me how to teach A. F. effectively. I have no doubt in my mind that A. F. would not have come as far as she has today if we had not gone with Emily Whiting. You will not find a more compassionate, focused and all around amazing person to work with your child. She is a hero in my house. Both of my daughters love her!

--Stacy F