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Physical Therapy

Physical therapists use a variety of therapeutic approaches to enable children to be more successful and independent in their environment. Children with physical impairments enhance their strength, endurance, and mobility by using playful, fun activities designed and implemented
by the physical therapist.

Pediatric physical therapists are specialists trained to maintain and restore maximum movement and function to the children we serve. Physical therapists provide children with the necessary environmental stimuli and proper cues to enhance development to overcome environmental physical barriers at home and school. The focus of physical therapy is to enhance balance and movement and overall gross motor skills, including motor control and motor learning. It is important for children to receive functional training in self-care, home, and school management, as well as community and leisure integration or reintegration activities. Physical therapists provide developmentally appropriate therapy interventions for the child that includes demonstration for families and caregivers for the implementation of those therapy interventions in a home program for the maximum benefit of the child.

Licensed, experienced physical therapists specialize in evaluating and treating children with a variety of therapy needs including, but not limited to:

  • Balance and Coordination
  • Environmental Adaptations
  • Gross Motor Development Delays
  • Mobility
  • Muscle Tone
  • Neuromuscular Function
  • Pre-gait and Gait Training
  • Seating and Positioning
  • Strength and Endurance